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Paper Cup Inspection M/C

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Paper Lid(Cap) M/C

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  Which is the type of cups you wish to form as below ?

Cup Use

Hot Drink & Cold Drink Noodle & Soup
Ice Cream Others(e.g. for chicken)

Cup size

* Hot & cold drink

2 oz(60cc) 2.5 oz(75cc) 3 oz(90cc)
4 oz(120cc) 5 oz(150cc) 6.5 oz(195cc)
7 oz(210cc) 9 oz(270cc) 12 oz(360cc)
16 oz(480cc) 22 oz(660cc) 32 oz(960cc)

* Noodle or soup

260cc 320cc 390cc
450cc 520cc 650cc
750cc 850cc 950cc

* Ice cream

120cc 150cc 230cc
280cc 330cc 490cc
570cc 700cc 750cc
780cc 850cc 900cc

  Which is the type of paper board coated you wish to use, if you purchase it?

One side low density polyethylene of 18gsm coated for hot drink
Both side low density polyethylene of 18gsm coated for cold drink, noodle and icecream

  Which is the origin of paper board you wish to use?

U.S.A. make
Europe make
Korea make

  Which is the weight of paper board you wish to use?

170gsm 180gsm
190gsm 200gsm
210gsm 220gsm
Over 235gsm

  Which do you need now for making paper cup except paper cup forming machine?

Gravure printer
Blank cutter

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